Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree is the most advanced research degree in the Faculty. Working under the direction of a supervisor, PhD students engage in original research that contributes to their field of study. Advanced course work accompanies the pursuit of the thesis.

As a PhD student, you’ll receive guaranteed base support funding for up to four years of study. Current graduate scholarship funding tables can be viewed here.

Admission Requirements

Successful completion of a research master's degree in engineering, with an overall average of at least B+ (78%+), from an accredited institution. Current MASc students within our department can apply to fast-track into the PhD program before completing the MASc degree requirements

View the full graduate studies admission requirements here.

Program Requirements & Time for Completion

The program of study normally includes 2.0 FCE (four half-courses), including the weekly Graduate Research Seminar, the Graduate Ethics Seminar, and a thesis.

In the PhD program, the departmental seminar comprises a minimum of two seminars presented to the academic staff/students of MSE.

Within 12 months of initial enrollment, all PhD students must pass a general Qualifying Examination based on the course material taken within the Department and on the background knowledge in the student's field of specialization.

The required thesis is based upon research work carried out in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering.

PhD candidates typically take between two and six years to complete the requirements of the degree. Only full-time study is available.

See all program requirements here: MSE Graduate Student Handbook

Research Areas & Affiliated Core Professors

Additive & Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Characterization & Forensics

  • Perovic, Doug D. – Electron Microscopy,  Microelectronics & Forensics
  • Howe, Jane –In situ & correlative microscopy group
  • Zou, Yu – Extreme mechanics & Advanced Manufacturing


Coatings & Surfaces

Computational Material & Data Analytics

Electronics, Photonics & Sensors

Energy Generation & Storage

Nano, 2D & Composite Materials

Smart Materials & Devices

Sustainable Materials Processing