Barati, Mansoor

Prof. Mansoor Barati

Mansoor Barati | BSc (Isfahan), MSc (Isfahan), PhD (McMaster), PEng
Professor, Gerald R. Heffernan Chair in Materials Processing

Office: MB 230
T: 416.978.5637

Research Group: Sustainable Materials Processing Research Group


Research Areas

Professor Barati’s “Sustainable Materials Processing Research Group” centers around research and development of processes that are less energy intensive and more environmentally friendly. Equally, the research seeks development of materials that promise higher performance, create smaller environmental footprint, and demand less from the earth resources. Several specific research areas are listed below.

Production and Refining of High Quality Metals and Alloys

Synthesizing high quality metals and alloys has been one of the primary research subjects. As an example, an extensive research on refining of solar grade silicon is underway.

Alternative Metals Processing Routes

One major stream of research in Prof. Barati’s group looks into alternative metal production and refining processes with an emphasis on reducing the energy consumption and environmental impact. For example, the fundamentals and basic process requirements of a novel steelmaking technology that aims continuous operation are being investigated. The process promises to reduce energy consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Recycling of Wastes

With societies becoming more consuming, the amount of used goods such as automobiles, electronic devices, batteries, etc is ever increasing. Recycling of such goods and materials is both environmentally justified, also reduces the demand on the earth’s resources. Another line of research looks into the ways of recovering valuable parts of the industrial wastes and converting the irrecoverable wastes into landfill-safe materials.

Fundamentals of Interactions and Properties in Pyrometallurgical Systems

A stream of research focuses on fundamentals of metallurgical systems such as kinetics of gas-slag-metal interactions, aiming to generate essential knowledge for development of the process discussed above.


Research Clusters

Mansoor Barati is Gerald R. Heffernan Chair and Professor in Sustainable Materials Processing at the University of Toronto. His research is centered on reducing the environmental footprint, and lowering the consumption of energy and resources in the metals industry, as well as development of high quality materials for renewable energy systems. He joined the University of Toronto after completing his doctorate at McMaster University in Steel Chemistry, and one year at the consulting firm WorleyParsons. At the UofT, Dr. Barati established the Sustainable Materials Processing research lab where over 100 researchers have worked in the past 13 years. His research has been highlighted in more than 200 publications and patents that have been recognized by many awards such as CMQ Best paper award, JOM best paper award, Metallurgical and Materials Transaction B Editor’s Choice Award, and the TMS EPD Technology Award. Dr. Barati’s contributions to the research and technology development have also been acknowledged through awards such as TMS-EPD Technology Award, Bicomacombe award, PEO Young Engineer medal, and CMSC Metal’s Chemistry Award.

Dr. Barati has been contributing to the profession by serving in various volunteer roles at the Metallurgical and Materials Society of Canada, including the chair of its annual conference (COM2020), and as the president of the society. He is also a Fellow of IoM3.

MSE498: Capstone Project: Design of Materials Processes

MSE492: Research Thesis I

MSE493: Research Thesis II

  • CIM MetSoc Brimacombe Award, 2015
  • The Engineering Medal (Young Engineer Award Category), Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), 2010