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Forensic engineering expert on what happens next in Beirut

– On Tuesday, August 4, 2020, a massive explosion caused extensive damage to the city of Beirut, Lebanon. With hundreds killed and thousands more injured, the country’s government has promised an investigation. Professor Doug Perovic (MSE) is an expert in forensic engineering, and has ... Read More

Investigation into the Beirut explosion: Prof. Doug Perovic interviewed by CTV News

– Prof. Doug Perovic was interviewed by CTV News today to helps us understand how the investigation can find what sparked the massive explosion in Beirut. Watch the full interview here:  

MSE Ph.D. Student Chenyue Qiu won the prize at the Microscopy Society of Canada conference 2020

– Congratulations to Chenyue (Yucy) Qiu, MSE Ph.D. student, who awarded for the presentation with Best Microscopy Images in material science category at the Microscopy Society of Canada conference 2020 (MSC 2020). MSC 2020 was held during 2-5 June using the ... Read More

Letter from MSE Chair to Graduating Class of 2020