Biomaterials are designed for contact and interaction with biological systems, such as implanted medical devices, prosthetics, skin-based wearable devices, scaffold materials for regenerating tissue, and drug release materials. 
There is research to understand structure-function relationships in biological materials, and to design bioinspired materials used in biomedical devices, implants, tissue engineering, drug-delivery and biosensing.  

Research Topics

  • Develop novel bioadhesives for biomedical and dental applications
  • Antimicrobial surfaces
  • Non-fouling biomaterials 
  • Molecular imaging & systems biology 
  • Self-healing materials 
  • Drug delivery materials
  • Tissue engineering scaffolds and injectable hydrogels for bone regeneration 

Related Faculty

Sone, Eli D.

Eli Sone

Biological & Bioinspired Materials Laboratory

Hatton, Benjamin D.

Ben Hatton

Functional and Adaptive Surfaces


Naomi Matsuura 

Nanotechnology, Molecular Imaging & Systems Biology

Hani Naguib

Hani Naguib

Toronto Smart Materials & Structures (TSMART)