Health & Safety

For MSE Safety Training guidance, please fill the MSE Safety Training Guidance Form. Please be aware that you are not allowed to work or even enter any MSE laboratories until you have fulfilled all the MSE Safety Training requirements.

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Manual and Registration Forms

Special forms and Permits

Reporting of Hazards, Accidents, Incidents

UofT Health & Safety Policies & ProceduresExperimental Registration Form (Computer Work ONLY)

Ministry of Labour Health & Safety Policies and Procedures


Dan Grozea, PhD
Safety Coordinator & Teaching Laboratory Technologist
Office: WB 48 | T: 416.978.5013 | E:

Department of Materials Science & Engineering
Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, University of Toronto
Wallberg Building (WB), 184 College Street, Suite 140
Toronto, Ontario M5S 3E4 Canada

Department Joint Health & Safety Committee

Jane Howe, Associate Professor (Committee Chair)
Office: PT 172B | T: 416.946.7221 | E:

Dan Grozea, Safety Coordinator & Teaching Laboratory Technologist (Committee Co-Chair)
Office: WB 48 | T: 416.978.5013 | E:

Keryn K. Lian, Associate Professor
Office: MB 212A | T: 416.978.8631 | E:

Fanny Strumas-Manousos, Director of Administration
Office: WB 140 | T: 416.978.5638 | E:

Jessica Barnes-Burley, Department Assistant
Office: WB 140 | T: 416.978.3012 | E:

Raiden Cobas Acosta, PhD, Engineering Technologist
Office: PT 180 | T: 416.978.5003 | E:

Alvin Virya, Ph.D.

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