Sone, Eli D.

Sone, Eli D.

Eli D. Sone | BSc (Toronto), MS, PhD (Northwestern)
Associate Professor

Joint-appointed with the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (BME)

Office: MB 320A
T: 416.978.7422

Research Group: Biological and Bioinspired Materials Laboratory

Research Areas

My research program is centered on the study of composite biological and bioinspired materials, with emphasis and bio-mineralization and bioadhesion phenomena. Areas of application include development of novel bio-adhesives and tissue engineering scaffolds.

Our work is focused on systems in biology where organic-mineral interactions play a key role. We use a combination of ultra-structural characterization of native tissues and in-vitriol investigations of synthetic systems to study the mechanisms of attachment of biological fibers to inorganic substrates. Currently we are working on two systems in which the structure of the interface is critical: adhesion of zebra mussels to rocks, and the attachment of ligaments to bones and teeth. We use a variety of techniques to study these systems; cryo-TEM in particular plays a central role in our work.

Select Publications

Lausch, AJ; Chong, LC; Uludag, H; Sone, ED. “Multiphasic collagen scaffolds for engineered tissue interfaces” Advanced Functional Materials 2018, 28, 1804730

Quan, BD; Sone, ED. “The effect of polyaspartate chain length on mediating biomimetic remineralization of collagenous tissues”, Journal of the Royal Society Interface 15: 20180269., 2018

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