Sone, Eli D.


Eli D. Sone | BSc (Toronto), MS, PhD (Northwestern)

Joint-appointed with the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (BME)

Office: MB 320A
T: 416.978.7422

Research Group: Biological and Bioinspired Materials Laboratory


Research Areas

We seek to understand structure-function relationships in biological materials, and to apply these insights to bioinspired materials design. Our focus is on projects under two main themes: biomineralization and bioadhesion.

In the area of biomineralization, we use in vivo and in vitro models to understand the factors that control mineralization of collagen. We apply this knowledge of the development of tissue engineering scaffolds and injectable hydrogels for bone regeneration.

In the area of bioadhesion, we are working to uncover the mechanism of freshwater mussel adhesion. Through a better understanding of the proteins that mediate adhesion, we are working to develop anti-fouling surfaces to control biofouling of invasive species in the Great Lakes. In addition, we seek to develop novel bioadhesives for biomedical and dental applications.

Research Clusters

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Select Publications

MSE343: Biomaterials

JBM1050: Biological & Bio-Inspired Materials