What Our Students Say


“After a few years in industry, I returned to MSE to pursue a M. Eng. degree. My studies in the M. Eng. Program, particularly the courses towards the Emphasis in Forensic Engineering, have enhanced my knowledge and confidence as a metallurgist while providing deeper insights into materials science topics with direct application to industry.

Dean Finlayson | Engineer, Kinectrics Inc.

Current M.Eng Student, MSE



“I believe the M.Eng program provided me with the flexibility to explore various career paths while taking industry-relevant courses that ultimately helped accelerate my career growth. The program enables you to couple technical and business competencies to tackle real-world problems. Above all, it provides you with the opportunity to meet other brilliant engineering professionals and students at one of Canada’s top engineering schools.”

Darius Raisi | Consultant, Deloitte

MEng Graduate, MSE (2019)



“MEng studies prepared me well for pursing a Ph.D. degree. I was able to refresh my analytical toolbox, taking computation and math courses relevant to my field of research. After 6 years in the industry, the MEng program was a great way to onboard back into academia. I could also see it working well the other way around, preparing students for industry with higher level courses and projects.”

– Charlie Katrycz | Ph.D. Candidate, MSE

   M.Eng Gradaute, MSE (2018)



“Going to classes and scoring marks is trivial, however, applying that knowledge to generate value and tackling significant problems is definitely worthwhile. Therefore, I am convinced that MEng can be a lot more than just courses. Currently, I am a Ph.D. candidate working on bioink synthesis for skin regeneration and a handheld skin bio-printer”

Sushant Singh| Ph.D. Candidate, MIE

M.Eng Graduate, MSE (2019)



“By taking the MEng program, not only I acquired specialized knowledge through lectures, but I also enriched my experiences from the research project in both scientific and practical perspective. The program was a great opportunity to think about the next step and a smooth transition from undergraduate study to a PhD program.”

Yucy Qiu| Ph.D. Candidate, MSE

M.Eng Graduate, MSE (2019)



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