Energy research tops “most-read articles” list

Sustainable materials processing research gets most hits in the Elsevier journal: Energy


Screenshot of the Elsevier Energy journal (November 2011)

November 25, 2011

A recent paper titled “Energy Recovery from High Temperature Slags” by Assistant Professor Mansoor Barati, MSE PhD candidate Sherry Esfahani, and Professor Torstein A. Utigard made the top of the “Most Read Articles” list in the Elsevier journal, Energy, this month. The journal is an international, multi-disciplinary publication with a core focus on energy engineering and research.

Published in September 2011, the U of T materials science and engineering paper presents a critical evaluation of various methods to efficiently recover the waste energy of molten by-products, known as slags, generated in metal manufacturing operations. A study by the Sustainable Materials Processing Research Group, led by Professor Barati, is currently looking into a novel way of converting slag waste heat into fuel.

“Recovering the waste heat of slags presents a tremendous opportunity for the metallurgical industry to reduce its energy intensity and environmental footprint,” says Professor Barati. “This area of research has a major impact on our nation’s sustainability efforts – we’re generating fuel from slag heat which would have released into our atmosphere.”

“This indication of global interest in this work is well deserved,” says Professor Jun Nogami, Chair of the Department of Materials Science & Engineering. “State-of-the-art research like Professors Barati and Utigard’s can help key industries in the Canadian economy meet their future goals for greater energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact.”