Smart Materials & Devices


Smart materials can respond to environmental stimuli by exhibiting changes in properties (mechanical or physical), structure, composition or function. Material researchers design and test smart materials for next generation devices and products with improved energy efficiency, and bio-inspired functions, such as artificial muscles and touch sensing in robotics. 

Research Topics

  • Printed organic transistors and sensors  
  • Multifunctional composites, meta materials, bio-based materials 
  • Soft robotics, e-textiles and wearables 
  • Active surfaces for wetting and adhesion 

Related Faculty

Hani Naguib

Hani Naguib

Toronto Smart Materials and Structures (TSMART)

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Keryn Lian

Flexible Energy & Electronics (FEE) Laboratory

Hatton, Benjamin D.

 Ben Hatton 

Functional and Adaptive Surfaces