Advanced Characterization & Forensics


Materials engineers develop and use sophisticated characterization tools, such as electron microscopy and x-ray diffraction, to study material structure at a wide range of length scales. We need to understand material structure to control properties, from mechanical to electrical. Forensic analysis is frequently required for studies of material failure in engineering applications, such as catastrophic fracture or corrosion. 

Research Topics

  • Advanced techniques for forensic investigation of materials 
  • Nanostructure-property relationships for electronic/photonic applications 
  • Finite Element-based failure analysis 
  • In-situ electron microscopy: characterization and property measurements of novel materials and nano-devices, and their real-time evolution during processing and operation 

Related Faculty

Perovic, Doug D.

Doug Perovic

Co-Director, Ontario Centre for the Characterization of Advanced Materials (OCCAM)


Prof. Yu Zou

Laboratory for Extreme Mechanics & Additive Manufacturing

Jane How resized 300

 Jane Howe

In-situ and correlative microscopy group

Singh, Chandra Veer

Chandra Singh

Computational Materials Engineering (CME) Laboratory