Additive & Advanced Manufacturing


Materials science is central to new advanced manufacturing methods that offer significant benefits over traditional manufacturing. Materials engineers develop innovative multi-material manufacturing approaches that can enable new products, automation, better energy efficiency and greater sustainability.  

Research Topics

  • Laser-based additive manufacturing
  • Amorphous alloy production
  • Planar flow casting cryomilling
  • Manufacturing of programmable materials including stimuli responsive materials
  • Finite Element analysis of additively manufactured parts
  • Coatings produced by additive manufacturing techniques

Related Faculty


Prof. Yu Zou

Laboratory for Extreme Mechanics & Additive Manufacturing

Coyle, Thomas W.

Thomas Coyle

Centre for Advanced Coating Technologies


Hani Naguib

Toronto Smart Materials and Structures (TSMART)

Thorpe, Steven J.

Steven Thorpe

Surface Engineering & Electrochemistry (SEE) Group

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Chandra Singh

Computational Materials Engineering (CME) Laboratory