Perovic, Doug D.

Perovic, Doug D.

Doug D. Perovic | BASc, MASc, PhD (Toronto), FAAAS, FCAE, PEng
Professor, Celestica Chair in Materials for Microelectronics & Co-Director, Ontario Centre for the Characterization of Advanced Materials (OCCAM)

Office: WB 142
T: 416.978.5635

Honours & Awards

  • Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (FAAAS), 2012
  • Engineering Medal, Research & Development Category, Professional Engineers Ontario, 2011
  • Fellow, Canadian Academy of Engineering (FCAE), 2008
  • Canadian Materials Physics Medal, 2008
  • Fellow, Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIAR), Nanoelectronics Program, 2006
  • Senior Fellow, Massey College at the University of Toronto, 2006
  • NSERC Synergy Award, 2005
  • Best Materials Paper Prize, Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly, 1995

Professional Memberships

  • American Society for Materials (ASM)
  • Professional Engineers Ontario

Research Areas

Nanostructure-property relationships for electronic/photonic applications. High resolution scanning-transmission electron microscopy/spectroscopy of nanomaterials structure and chemistry. Semiconducting quantum wells and dots. Mesoporous nanocomposites for nanoelectronics. Defect engineering in photonic band gap materials. Nanoengineering/science education.


Select Publications

A.A. ElZoka, J.Y. Howe, R.C. Newman, D.D. Perovic. In situ STEM/SEM study of the coarsening of nanoporous gold, Acta Materialia, Vol. 162, pp. 67-77 (2019)
Paul O’Brien, Kulbir Ghuman, Abdinoor Jelle, Amit Sandhel, Thomas Wood, Joel Loh, Jia Jia, Doug Perovic,  Chandra Veer Singh, Nazir Kherani, Charles Mims,  Geoffrey Ozin. Enhanced Photothermal Reduction of Gaseous CO2 over Silicon Photonic Crystal Supported Ruthenium at Ambient Temperature. Energy & Environmental Science. EE-ART-08-2018-00234 (2018) (in press).
A.M. Delhaise,   Z. Chen,  and D. Perovic, “Solid-State Diffusion of Bi in Sn: Effects of β-Sn Grain Orientation”, Journal of Electronic Materials. 1-12 (2018).
Changhong Cao, Jane Y Howe, Doug Perovic, Xueliang Sun, Chandra Veer Singh, Yu Sun and Tobin Filleter, “Nonlinear Fracture Toughness Measurement and Crack Propagation Resistance of Functionalized Graphene Multilayers”,  Science Advances, Vol  4, I 4, pp. 1-9 (2018).
A. Delhaise, D. Perovic, “Study of the Solid-State Diffusion of Bismuth in Polycrystalline Tin using Electron Probe Microanalysis”, Journal of Electronic Materials, Vol. 47, I 3, pp. 2057-2065 (2018).
Abdinoor A. Jelle, Kulbir K. Ghuman, Paul G. O’Brien, Mohamad Hmadeh, Amit Sandhel, Doug D. Perovic, Chandra Veer Singh, Charles A. Mims, Geoffrey A. Ozin, “Highly Efficient Ambient Temperature CO2 Photomethanation Catalyzed by Nanostructured RuO2 on a Silicon Photonic Crystal Support”, Adv. Energ. Mater, Vol. 8, I 9, pp. 1-10 (+ Front Cover) (2018).
Changhong Cao, Sankha Mukherjee, Jian Liu, Biqiong Wang, Maedeh Amirmaleki, Zhuole Lu, Jane Y Howe, Doug Perovic, Xueliang Sun, Chandra Veer Singh, Yu Sun and Tobin Filleter, “Role of Graphene in Enhancing the Mechanical Properties of TiO2/Graphene Heterostructures”, Nanoscale,Vol.  9. pp. 11678–11684 (2017).
Hong Wang, Jia Jia, Qiang Wang, Keith Butler, Weili Yu, Shuyang Ye, Xuliang Zhang, Heng Lu, Lu Wang, Jun Pan, Yuchan Dong, Chenyue Qiu, Le He, Debao Li, Nazir P. Kherani, Doug D. Perovic, Liqiang Jing, Chunlei Guo, Aron Walsh, Roland Dittmeyer, Geoffrey A Ozin, “Lattice Strain Engineering of a Reverse Water Gas Shift Photocatalyst”, Nature Materials (2017).
J. Jia, H. Wang, Z. Lu, P. G. O’Brien, M. Ghoussoub, P. Duchesne, Z. Zheng, P. Li, Q. Qiao, L. Wang, A. Gu, A. A. Jelle, Y. Dong, Q. Wang, K. K. Ghuman, T. Wood, C. Qian, Y. Shao, M. Ye, Y. Zhu, Z. H. Lu, P. Zhang, A. S. Helmy, C. V. Singh, N. P. Kherani, D. D. Perovic, and G. A. Ozin, “Photothermal Catalyst Engineering: Hydrogenation of Gaseous CO2 with High Activity and Tailored Selectivity”, Adv. Sci., 1700252 (2017).
Laura. B. Hoch, Paul G. O’Brien, Abdinoor Jelle, Amit Sandhel, Douglas D. Perovic, Charles A. Mims, and Geoffrey A. Ozin, “Nanostructured Indium Oxide Coated Silicon Nanowire Arrays: A Hybrid Photothermal/Photochemical Approach to Solar Fuels”, ACS Nano, Vol. 10, pp 9017-9025 (2016).

E. Vekris, V. Kitaev, D.D. Perovic, J.S. Aitchison and G.A. Ozin, Visualization of Stacking Faults and their Formation in Colloidal Photonic Crystal Films”, Adv. Mater., 2008.

Kirkaldy JS, Perovic A, Perovic DD, Phenomenological synthesis of nanometric patterning in ballistically formed MBE silicon between 450 and 713 K , Mat. Sci Eng A, 448, pp. 221-228 (2007);

K.P. Fritz, A. Perovic, P. Sreekumari Nair, S. Petrov, D.D. Perovic and G.D. Scholes, Strructural Characterization of the Growth Kinetics of CdSe Nanorods, J. Cryst. Growth, 293, pp. 203-208 (2006).

Benjamin D Hatton, Kai Landskron, Wesley Whitnal, Doug D Perovic, Geoffrey A Ozin, Spin-Coated Periodic Mesoporous Organosilica (PMO) Thin Films – Towards a New Generation of Low k Materials, Adv. Funct. Mater., Vol. 15, pp. 823-829 (2005).

K. Landskron, B.D. Hatton, D.D. Perovic and G.A. Ozin, Periodic Mesoporous Organosilicas Containing Interconnected [Si(CH2)] 3 Rings, Science, 302, pp. 266-269 (2003).

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