Lu, Zheng-Hong

Lu, Zheng-Hong

Zheng-Hong Lu | BSc (China), PhD (École Polytechnique), FAAAS, FCAE
Professor & Canada Research Chair, Organic Optoelectronics (Tier I)
Director, Toronto Microanalysis Centre (TMC)

Office: WB 141
T: 416.978.1472

Research Group: Organic Optoelectronics Research Group

Short bio: Dr. Zheng-Hong Lu is a full professor and a Tier I Canada Research Chair in Organic Optoelectronics at the University of Toronto. He received a PhD degree in engineering physics in 1990 from Ecole Polytechnique of the University of Montreal, Canada. Prior to his current appointment, he was employed by the National Research Council (NRC) as an assistant and then an associate research officer. While at NRC he developed a number of materials and processes for microelectronics and optoelectronics, in particular, light-emitting silicon superlattices, dielectrics for silicon transistors, and surface passivation for solid-state lasers. In 1998, he moved to the University of Toronto to create an Organic Optoelectronics Research Group. His group’s research includes OLED materials and device engineering for flat-panel display and solid-state lighting applications.

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Honors & Awards

  • Fellow, Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE), 2018
  • Canada Research Chair in Organic Optoelectronics, Tier I (2011-2017)
  • Fellow, American Academy for the Advancement of Science (FAAAS), 2016
  • University of Toronto Connaught Innovation Award, 2013
  • Premier’s Research Excellence Award (Ontario), 2000
  • Nortel Institute Associate Award (1999)
  • McAllister Trustees Research Award (1998)

Professional Memberships

  • Materials Research Society (MRS)
  • Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE)
  • Society for Information Display (SID)

Research Areas

Development of next-generation organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) and solar cells.

2019 Publications

H.T. Kung, P. Li, J.J. Lee, Y. Zhao, A. Dumont, Z.H. Lu, “Reaction and Energy Levels at Oxide–Oxide Heterojunction Interfaces” Adv. Mater. Interfaces, 1901456 (2019).

K. Zheng, H. Yang, F. Ni, Z. Chen, S. Gong, Z.H. Lu, C. Yang, “Multifunctional Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Emitters and Insight into Multicolor‐Mechanochromism Promoted by Weak Intra‐and Intermolecular Interactions” Adv. Optical Mater., 1900727 (2019).

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M. Semeniuk, Z. Yi, V. Poursorkhabi, J. Tjong, S. Jaffer, Z.H. Lu, and M. Sain, “Future Perspectives and Review on Organic Carbon Dots in Electronic Applications” ACS Nano 13, 66224 (2019).

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X. Zhou, H. Yang, Z. Chen, S. Gong, Z.H. Lu, and C. Yang, “Naphthyridine-based emitters simultaneously exhibiting thermally activated delayed fluorescence and aggregation-induced emission for highly efficient non-doped fluorescent OLEDs” J. of Mater. Chem. C 7, 6607 (2019).

C.M. Tonge, F. Yuan, Z.H. Lu, and Z.M. Hudson, “Cu (0)-RDRP as an efficient and low-cost synthetic route to blue-emissive polymers for OLEDs” Polymer Chemistry 10, 3288 (2019).

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J.J. Lee, P. Li, H.T. Kung, and Z.H. Lu, “Highly efficient top-emission organic light-emitting diode on an oxidized aluminum anode” J. Appl. Phys. 125, 145501 (2019).

T.M. Grant, V. McIntyre, J. Vestfrid, H. Raboui, R.T. White, Z.H. Lu, B.H. Lessard, T.P. Bender, “Straightforward and Relatively Safe Process for the Fluoride Exchange of Trivalent and Tetravalent Group 13 and 14 Phthalocyanines” ACS Omega 4, 5317 (2019).

F. Tan, H. Tan, M.I. Saidaminov, M. Wei, M. Liu, A. Mei, P. Li, B. Zhang, C.S. Tan, X. Gong, Y. Zhao, A.R. Kirmani, Z. Huang, J.Z. Fan, R. Quintero‐Bermudez, J. Kim, Y. Zhao, O. Voznyy, Y. Gao, F. Zhang, L.J. Richter, Z.H. Lu, W. Zhang, E.H. Sargent, “In Situ Back‐Contact Passivation Improves Photovoltage and Fill Factor in Perovskite Solar Cells” Adv. Mater. 31, 1807435 (2019).

G.L. Ingram, Y.B. Zhao, and Z.H. Lu, “Exciton-triggered luminance degradation of organic light-emitting diodes” Organic Electronics 69, 160 (2019).

D. Josey, G. Ingram, R. Garner, J. Wang, G. Evans, Z.H. Lu, T. Bender, “Outdoor Stability of Chloro-(Chloro) n-Boron Subnaphthalocyanine and Chloro-Boron Subphthalocyanine as Electron Acceptors in Bilayer and Trilayer Organic Photovoltaics” ACS Applied Energy Materials 2, 979 (2019).

X. Li, J. Zhang, Z. Zhao, X. Yu, P. Li, Y. Yao, Z. Liu, Q.H. Jin, Z. Bian, Z.H. Lu, C. Huang, “Bluish-green Cu (I) Dimers Chelated with Thiophene Ring-introduced Diphosphine Ligands for Both Singlet and Triplet Harvesting in OLEDs” ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 11, 3262 (2019).

P. Li, G. Ingram, J.J. Lee, Y. Zhao, Z.H. Lu, “Energy disorder and energy level alignment between host and dopant in organic semiconductors” Communications Physics 2, article number: 2 (2019).

Select Publications

Peicheng Li and Zheng‐Hong Lu, “Heterojunction Energetics and Open‐Circuit Voltages of Organic Photovoltaic Cells” in “Emerging Photovoltaic Materials: Silicon & Beyond”, edited by S. K. Kurinec, (Wiley Scrivener, 2018).

M. Greiner and Z.H. Lu, “Charge Injection Layer” in “Fundamentals of High-Efficiency OLEDs: Basic Science to Manufacturing of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes”, edited by Evgueni Polikarpov and Dan Gaspar, (CRC Press, Inc., 2015)

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Co-editor with H. Hasegawa, M. Hong, and S.J. Pearton, “Compound Semiconductor Surface Passivation and Novel Device Processing”, (MRS, Warrendale, Pennsylvania, 1999), MRS Symposium Proceedings Vol. 573.

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Selected Patents

Michael Helander, Zhibin Wang, Jacky Qiu, Zhenghong Lu, “Organic electroluminescent device with multiple phosphorescent emitters”, US Patent 9935285, (Apr 3, 2018).

M Helander, J Qiu, Z Wang, ZH Lu, “Functionalization of a substrate”, US Patent 9,698,386, (Jul 4, 2017)

Michael Helander, Zhibin Wang, Jacky Qiu, Zhenghong Lu, “Organic electroluminescent device with multiple phosphorescent emitters”, US Patent 9,484,544 (Nov 1, 2016).

Dayan Ban, Zhenghong Lu, and Jun Chen, “Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Optical Amplifier with Wavelength Conversion”, US Patent No. 9082992 B2 (Jul. 14, 2015).

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