Nano, 2D & Composite Materials


Materials engineers use nanotechnology to envision radically new devices and applications that can be made at the nano-scale.  

Research Topics

    • Nano carbon surface modification (layer-by-layer deposition)
    • Synthesis, property-structure relationship of new energy materials
    • Development of electrochemical synthesis methods for nanostructured metals, alloys and composites  
    • Nano fabrication 
    • Bio-Inspired nanostructures 
    • Integration of “top down and “bottom up” nanofabrication 
    • Nanostructured growth & characterization 
    • Solar fuel materials 
    • Cellular Hybrid Materials

Related Faculty

Keryn 2

Keryn Lian 

Flexible Energy & Electronics (FEE) Laboratory


Glenn Hibbard 

Cellular Hybrid Materials Research Group


Jun Nogami 

 Nanostructured Growth & Characterization Laboratory

Perovic, Doug D.

Doug Perovic  

Co-Director of OCCAM

Prof. Harry Ruda

Harry Ruda 

Electronic-Photonic Materials Group


Jane Howe 

In-situ and correlative microscopy group

Singh, Chandra Veer

Chandra Singh 

Computational Materials Engineering (CME) Laboratory

Sone, Eli D.

Eli Sone 

Biological and Bioinspired Materials Laboratory


Yu  Zou 

Laboratory for Extreme Mechanics & Additive Manufacturing


Naomi Matsuura

Biological and Bioinspired Materials Laboratory