Faculty member and smart materials expert honoured for achievements in field

Professor Hani Naguib elected Fellow of SPIE, the International Society for Optics and Photonics


MSE Professor and Toronto Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Director Hani Naguib with students in his laboratory | Photo: Roberta Baker

January 11, 2017

Professor Hani Naguib (MIE / MSE) is a renowned engineer whose leading research in the area of smart and multi-functional materials has impacted a range of biomedical and industrial technologies. The MSE faculty member has been elected Fellow of SPIE, the International Society for Optics and Photonics.

Naguib’s expertise is in the area of manufacturing of emerging materials including multi-functional and smart polymers such as active polymers, biopolymers and polymer nanocomposites. His work focuses on how to enable technologies to adapt and respond to various environments, ranging from applications in artificial muscles to smart textiles. Professor Naguib’s smart materials have made advancements in intelligent drug delivery systems, wearable electronics, and energy storage and harvesting devices.

Founded in 1955, SPIE is a not-for-profit international society with the goal to advance light-based technologies through the exchange of information, education, publications and professional growth. SPIE Fellows are honoured for their outstanding contributions to the scientific community in the multidisciplinary field of optics, photonics, and imaging. Professor Naguib was recognized for his major contributions in smart materials based sensors and actuators, in particular for artificial muscles and electronic skins applications.

“I would like to join in congratulating Hani for this latest recognition of his research excellence,” said Professor Jun Nogami, Chair of the Department of Materials Science & Engineering. “The breadth as well as depth of his work on polymeric materials is a huge asset to our department.”

Professor Naguib is also the Director of the Toronto Institute of Advanced Manufacturing (TIAM), a multidisciplinary institute at U of T Engineering that leads innovation in advanced materials and manufacturing by providing the expertise and infrastructure to turn great ideas into products.

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