Smart & Functional Materials: Enabling Intelligent Technologies for a Sustainable Future

Q&A with the newly promoted Professor Hani E. Naguib

Naguib, Hani

Photo: Hani Naguib, Professor & Canada Research Chair, Smart & Functional Materials

July 9, 2012

Congratulations to Professor Hani E. Naguib, who received promotion from Associate Professor to (full) Professor, effective July 1, 2012.

Here, the Canada Research Chair in Smart & Functional Materials takes a brief moment to answer a few questions from Luke Ng, External Relations & Student Life Officer, about his area of research and teaching in mechanical and materials engineering.

Luke Ng: What are Smart & Adaptive Polymers?

Hani Naguib: smart and adaptive polymers are an emerging class of advanced materials that possess unique properties and multi-functionality, including the ability sense, respond, and adapt to a range of external stimuli in a prescribed fashion. Examples of these materials development include active polymers, biopolymers, and nanostructured polymers. Our research on these materials works to advance and improve current technologies in health care, energy systems, and manufacturing.

LN: What is your favourite undergraduate courses you teach and why?

HN: MSE 270: Materials Science is a 2nd year course offered to mechanical engineering students by the Department of Materials Science & Engineering. I enjoy teaching this course in particular as it provides students with a solid foundation in the principles of materials engineering. It covers the fundamental principles of the discipline, from mechanical and physical properties of materials, its synthesis and processing, to materials design – all critical elements utilized in many mechanical engineering applications.

LN: What exciting things can you anticipate for the future in your area of research expertise?

HN: I am extremely excited about the continued development of new eco-friendly and sustainable polymers and composites. Advances in these materials will greatly benefit key economic sectors in Canada such as biomedical technologies, energy, and manufacturing.

LN: Thank you and congratulations again on your promotion.

HN: You’re welcome and thank you.

*Professor Hani Naguib is joint-appointed between the Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering (MIE) and the Department of Materials Science & Engineering (MSE)