Erb, Uwe

Erb, Uwe

Uwe Erb | MASc, PhD (Saarland, Germany), FCAE

Office: PT 179
T: 416.978.4430

Research Group: Nanomaterials Research Group

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Honours & Awards

  • Fellow, Canadian Academy of Engineering, 2014
  • Canadian Metal Physics Gold Medal, 2000
  • Dofasco Award, CIM, 2000
  • W.P. Dobson Award, Ontario Hydro Technologies, 1995
  • Best Paper Award, International Metallographic Society, 1989
  • “Freunde der Universität” Award, University of the Saarland, Saarbrücken, Germany, 1980

Professional Memberships

  • German Materials Society (DGM)
  • American Society for Materials (ASM)
  • American Electroplates and Surface Finishers (AESF)

Research Areas

Nanostructured Materials

Professro Erb’s research team is internationally recognized as the world leading group in the development of electrochemical synthesis methods for nanostructured metals, alloys and composites. These materials have outstanding physical, chemical and mechanical properties usually not observed in conventional materials. Applications include wear and corrosion resistant coatings, environmentally benign replacement coatings for chromium and cadium, nuclear steam generator repair, soft ferromagnetic materials for high performance motors and power supplies, and high strength structural materials for automotive, aerospace and consumer product applications. The patented technology has contributed to the formation of two Canadian start-up companies.

Interface Control in Materials

Grain boundary engineering is a materials processing technology which has the ultimate goal to produce advanced materials with enhanced interface distributions for improved properties, in particular corrosion, fracture and high temperature creep resistance. Over the past 25 years, Professor Erb and his coworkers have conducted numerous fundamental and applied studies in this field for a large number of industrial materials including stainless steels, nickel, copper, cobalt and aluminum.

Bio-Inspired Nanostructures

In this research we explore what we can learn from nature in the area of nanostructure design. Examples include mimicking micro/nanoscale structures of Aspen leaves to create superhydrophobic / self-cleaning surfaces, crystal defects and diffraction gratings in Mourning Cloak butterfly eyes and wing scales, and nano-sized silica precipitates in Horsetails.

Select Publications

H. J. Cho, J. Tam, M. Kovylina, Y. J. Kim, U. Erb, Thermal Conductivity of Bulk Nanocrystalline Nickel-Diamond Composites Produced by Electrodeposition, J. Alloys and Comp., 687, 570-578 (2016)

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U. Erb, Size Effects in Electroformed Nanomaterials, Key Eng. Mat., 444, 163-188 (2010)

Select Patents

J. J. Victor, U. Erb, K. Tomantschger, N. Nagarajan, D. Facchini, Metallic Articles with Hydrophobic Surfaces, US Patent, 9,303,322 B2, April 2016

J. J. Victor, U. Erb, K. Tomantschger, N. Nagarajan, D. Facchini and M. Neasu, Articles with Superhydrophobic and/or Self – Cleaning Surfaces and Method of Making Same, US Patent, 8,486,319 B2, July 2013

G. Palumbo, J. L. McCrea, K. Tomantschger, I. Brooks, D. H. Jeong, D. Limoges, K. Panagiotopoulos, U. Erb, A. Wang, Article Comprising a Fine-Grained Metallic Material and a Polymeric Material, US Patent # 7,354,354 B2, April 2008

G. Palumbo, J. L. McCrea, K. Tomantschger, I. Brooks, D. H. Jeong, D. Limoges, K. Panagiotopoulos, U. Erb, Fine-Grained Metallic Coatings Having the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Matched to the One of the Substrate, US Patent # 7,320,832 B2, January 2008

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