Centralized Process for Student Initiative Funding (CPSIF)


The Centralized Process for Student Initiative Funding allows student groups to apply to various funding resources from within the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering in a single application.

Departments and affiliates of this program will all receive the same application and budget. The Centralized Process for Student Initiative Funding has moved from three cycles to a single cycle for the 2018-2019 academic year.

You may only apply once per academic year. Please ensure that your proposed budget reflects activities and programs for the entire academic year. You will be asked to provide past financial records along with projected expenses and all sources of income.

You can begin your application to the Centralized Process for Student Initiative Funding herea thorough review of the eligibility criteria below is strongly recommended

Funding Pillars

The CPSIF is a program supported by alumni and friends, departments and divisions of the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering and the Engineering Society.

The program supports student initiatives that effectively demonstrate at least one or more of the following pillars:

  1. Enhances the undergraduate and/or graduate student experience in the Faculty
  2. Builds community among students and alumni
  3. Contributes to leadership and/or professional development of students in the Faculty
  4. Increases the visibility, profile and/or awareness of the Faculty, the Engineering Society, and/or the discipline of engineering itself


The application deadline for the Centralized Process for Student Initiative Funding in the 2018-2019 academic year is as follows:

  • September 23, 2018

You may only apply ONCE per academic year. To ensure an accountable and fair process, student initiative funding requests made outside of this program deadline will NOT be considered.


Once the applications are submitted, the Faculty will contact select applicants to provide in-person interviews to funding source representatives approximately two weeks after the deadline for each round of proposals.

If requested, you must attend an interview in order to be considered for funding 

The interview will be no more than two minutes long. You should be prepared to answer the following:

  1. Brief introduction regarding the vision and purpose of your organization
  2. Brief statement on how your organization satisfies at least one of the four CPSIF pillars
  3. Why your organization is applying to the sources of funding indicated on your application and how your organization intends to spend the money
  4. How the funding will benefit/improve the source organization that you are applying to
  5. Any significant accomplishments your club has achieved within the last year

Please send at least one member of your organization to pitch to the panel.  Please note that after your pitch, the panel will have a brief Q&A session regarding your application. The panel will contain representatives from the groups that you applied to funding from.

It is encouraged that you dress business casual for the pitches.

Resources & Contacts

Please feel free to contact the following resource personnel if you need help with your funding proposal or have questions regarding this process:

Department of Materials Science & Engineering

External Relations & Communications Officer
E: mse.external@utoronto.ca

Engineering Society

Vice-President, Finance | E: vpfinance@skule.ca