Advanced Photovoltaics & Devices

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Did you know that one hour of direct sunlight is equivalent to our global annual energy consumption?

By the year 2020, solar power could deliver electricity to more than one billion people around the world. Since sunlight is available anywhere in the world, it is uniquely suited to the local generation of power in remote locations.

The biggest challenge of taking solar electricity mainstream is cost.

The biggest challenge of taking solar electricity mainstream is cost. Professor Nazir Kherani and his Advanced Photovoltaics & Devices (APD) Group are developing ways to reduce the cost per watt of solar electricity by means of high-efficiency silicon photovoltaics. Using an energy-efficient low-temperature production process, the APD Group fabricates high-efficiency heterojunction silicon photovoltaics and thin film nanocrystalline-amorphous silicon materials that produce more watts per dollar than today’s conventional solar cells. Bringing solar generated electricity to the world is just around the corner.

Professor Kherani is joint-appointed with the Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering.

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