Experts question the safety of wired glass

Professor Zhirui Wang provides expert commentary on the safety of wired glass panels to the Globe and Mail

Wang, Zhirui

Professor Zhirui Wang

September 2, 2014

Just how safe is wired glass? The Canadian federal government is poised to revise its wired safety glass standards in the midst of a $5-million lawsuit filed by a former Burlington high school student. The student is suing the local school board after he pushed through a wired glass panel, slicing open a large part of his arm. He still has problems using his right arm and can’t lift weights with it.

Professor Zhirui Wang, a U of T engineering expert in materials fracture, failure and fatigue, recently provided expert commentary to the Globe and Mail on why it is a wrong impression to think wired glass is strong.

Professor Doug Perovic, another expert in materials forensics, is also a U of T expert witness in the the Burlington high school lawsuit.