Prof. Mansoor Barati received the 2021 Metal Chemistry (CMSC) and EPD Technology (TMS) Award

Prof. Mansoor Barati

Professor Mansoor Barati has received the Metal Chemistry Award in the 2021 Canadian Materials Science Conference (CMSC). This award honours outstanding scientific contributions in the area of metallurgical chemistry as epitomized by the inaugural winner, Professor L.M. Pidgeon of the University of Toronto.

Prof. Barati was also the recipient of EPD Technology Award (TMS) for his paper titled ““Thermal Upgrading of Nickeliferous Pyrrhotite Tailings for the Recovery of Nickel in the Form of Ferronickel Alloy”, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, October 2019. “Our research that led to this publication started with a fundamental study and is shaping into several technologies around the extraction of nickel with a significantly reduced footprint than the current methods. ”, said Prof. Barati. “It is rewarding to see the recognition of this work and the students working on the project.”

Professor Barati’s research focuses on reducing the environmental footprint, and lowering the consumption of energy and resources in the metals industry, as well as development of high quality materials for renewable energy systems.