Prof. Jun Nogami named the “Advocate of the Year” by the Toronto Community Bikeways Coalition

Prof. Nogami riding his bike on campus (Photo by Daria Perevezentsev)

Prof. Jun Nogami was announced as the “Advocate of the Year” by the Toronto Community Bikeways Coalition (TCBC) on April 9th, 2021.

TCBC is a community-based campaign group advocating bikeways for climate change, equity, affordability, health, safety & transportation. This campaign began in May, 2020 when the coalition asked Toronto for 100 km of new bikeways to provide alternative transportation options, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am particularly honoured to be recognized by TCBC since they are a group that is committed to improving cycling safety across the city, particularly in underserved neighbourhoods such as Flemington Park and Jane-Weston”, said Prof. Nogami. “I also want to note, there are several FASE faculty that are doing important research that is relevant to cycling. Prof. Shoshanna Saxe (CIV/MIN) has studied the impact of cycling infrastructure on transport speed and job access. Prof. Birsen Donmez (MIE) has done work on driver distraction mitigation.”

Prof. Nogami marks April 10, 2021, 100th consecutive day of biking.

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