Announcing OCCAM-Buehler Image Contest Winners!

Congratulations to three MSE students, Jonathan Kong (PhD Candidate), Michel Hache (PhD Candidate) and Mikaella Brillantes (Undergraduate Student), for receiving the first ($500), second ($300) and third ($100) prize, respectively, of the OCCAM-Buehler 2021 Image Contest!

This was the first image contest held in the MSE department. Graduate and Undergraduate MSE students were invited to submit microgaphs captured by optical or electron microscope.

Out of the 15 images received, the three images below were selected as the top three images by MSE experts, based on aesthetic beauty, technical strength, technical difficulty.

We are grateful to Buehler and Opti-Tech for there contributions to the OCCAM-Buehler Image Contest and their ongoing support for the advancement of microstructural characterization capabilities in MSE.


First Place  

Image 1: High resolution transmission electron micrograph of the Si (110) plane, by Jonathan Kong. 

Second Place

Image 2: High-carbon steel, 2% Nital etch. Imaged with differential interference contrast on optical microscope, by Michel Hache 

Third Place

Image 3: Microstructure of Pb free solder alloy, ‘Violet’, Sn-2.25%Ag-0.5%Cu-6%Bi, by Mikaella Brillantes