Money Matters

Tuition Fees:  Graduate Studies

Fees are subject to change from year to year; these changes are typically announced in May for the upcoming academic year. Visit the University of Toronto Student Accounts Office for current tuition fees information.

Note: All graduate students must pay a minimum degree fee by the time of program completion.  Early completion of a program does not result in lower fees. For more details please visit (scroll down to Minimum Degree Fee).

MSE Guaranteed Graduate Student Funding (MASc/PhD)

Research Stream graduate students are guaranteed funding for each of the first two years of an MASc program, and each of the first four years of a PhD program. Beyond Year 2 of the MASc Program and beyond Year 4 of the PhD program, funding is not guaranteed. Any financial support provided beyond the guaranteed funding period is at the discretion of the supervisor.  Students are encouraged to discuss this with their supervisors just prior to the end of the guaranteed funding period.

Please note that funding provided includes monies from all possible sources such as scholarships, fellowships, research stipends and other sources.

MEng students are not eligible for the guaranteed funding package or any Departmental  Scholarships/Fellowships/Teaching Assistantships or research stipends.

Current graduate scholarship funding tables can be viewed here.