Su, Ronnie

Ronnie Su, Master of Engineering (MEng) student

Ronnie says U of T Materials Science & Engineering’s Master of Engineering (MEng) program was his first choice after graduating from Beihang University in China

Where are you originally from? What other institutions did you previously study at?

I came from China. I did my undergraduate degree in Beihang University, China.

What attracted you to the MEng program?

U of T was my first choice to continue my studies in materials science and engineering. What attracted me was the beautiful campus, marvelous history, as well as the rich researching and teaching resources here.

I chose the MEng program because I get access to a wide variety of courses, including not only MSE courses, but also ELITE courses. That means I can obtain knowledge from different areas, and not be restricted to my specialty. Last but not least, job opportunities for MEng graduates are more practical, more industry-specific. To be a professional engineer is my career goal, and the MEng is helping me reach it.

What are some of the global experiences you’re bringing to U of T Engineering?

In China, I did research in almost all areas of materials science and engineering, such as metallic materials, composite materials and solar-cell materials. Also, as an intern, I got to broaden my skills in aircraft design, waste treatment and supply-chain management.

Why should others take advantage of the MEng program at U of T?

The MEng program is the perfect chance for international students to study at U of T. Students who don’t wish to restrict themselves to a research area will find the MEng a perfect fit, with access to diverse courses and internship opportunities that will benefit their future careers as engineers.

—With files from U of T Engineering Strategic Communications