U of T Engineering’s Graditude campaign sets a new record

MSE students achieve 100 per cent participation in their class giving program


Professor Jun Nogami, Chair of the Department of Materials Science & Engineering (MSE), proudly displays his 2015 Graditude pin before riding his bike into the Hart House pool

April 10, 2015 | By Jamie Hunter

The Skule™ community decided 2015 was the year it would pay it forward in a big way.

Graditude, U of T Engineering’s fundraising campaign for students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends, set a new record for participation with 42 per cent of full-time, fourth-year students contributing to the campaign—almost 10 per cent higher than the previous participation record set in 2014.

The campaign also set a record this year for funds raised by full-time, fourth-year students with a total of $8,372.10 (over $150 more than the previous record). And, every Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) student in the graduating class participated in this year’s program. All proceeds are directed back to the following year’s student activities.

In honour of reaching this Graditude milestone, Professor Jun Nogami, Chair of the MSE Department, rode his daughter’s bike into the Hart House pool.