The supermaterial that could launch a revolution—Toronto Star

Assistant Professor Chandra Veer Singh speaks to the Toronto Star about graphene’s unlimited potential


Singh's computational model of graphene
Computational model from Dr. Singh’s lab
depicting graphene oxide comprised of
oxygen and hydrogen groups bonded
between carbon sheets
Singh, Chandra Veer
Chandra Veer Singh, Assistant Professor

February 09, 2015

Graphene—the world’s strongest material is also one of the lightest. At one atom thin, it is 100 times stronger and three times lighter than steel of the same thickness. And, it can conduct both heat and electricity better than copper. Since its first production over a decade ago, graphene research has expanded dramatically to tap into this wonder material’s potential.

Assistant Professor Chandra Veer Singh, together with Mechanical & Industrial Engineering’s Assistant Professor Tobin Filleter recently spoke to the Toronto Star about the supermaterial that could launch the next technological revolution.