Professor Yu Zou wins the MetSoc Brimacombe Award

Professor Yu Zou

Congratulations to Dr. Yu Zou on winning the MetSoc Brimacombe Award!

The MetSoc Brimacombe Award recognizes early-career MetSoc member achievers who have made noteworthy contributions in disciplines relevant to Materials and Metallurgy. Dr. Zou is a Professor in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering at the University of Toronto (U of T). He has 60 peer-reviewed journal papers published in the field of physical metallurgy. Additionally, he has secured over 5 million dollars in research funds and currently supervises 15 graduate students. Prof. Zou’s major scientific contributions in the fields of high-entropy alloys, nano-mechanics, and metal additive manufacturing have been instrumental in securing this recognition.

Dr Yu Zou’s research focuses on exploring materials with extreme properties or under extreme conditions, particularly in the realm of metallic materials. He founded the Laboratory for Extreme Mechanics and Additive Manufacturing, which encompasses alloy design, in-situ characterization, additive manufacturing, and nanomechanical testing. In addition to his ground breaking research, Dr Zou has also been honored with awards from U of T, Ontario, and Canada. Dr. Zou actively contributes to the materials community as the Chair of the Materials Session in MetSoc since 2020. He has chaired the esteemed Advance Manufacturing symposium in COM, Canada, from 2021 to 2023, and co-chaired the Canadian Materials Science Conference (CMSC) in Toronto in June 2022.

The department is thrilled by this news and eagerly anticipates Professor Zou’s future findings and contributions to the field.