New process could turn scrap metal into hi-tech steel in demand for cars and alloys: Prof. Gisele Azimi Featured on Chemistry World News

Prof. Gisele Azimi was featured World Chemistry News about her recent research work on developing a new process for electrochemically removing carbon from steel during recycling to create ultra-pure low carbon steel. This secondary process directly decarburizes molten iron by imposing an electromotive force between it and a slag electrolyte.

Prof. Azimi’s recent article on this research work, titled “Electrorefining for direct decarbonization of molten iron”, was recently published in the journal of Nature Materials.


 Experiments demonstrate electrorefining for direct decarburization of molten iron containing 3.78 wt% carbon at 1,600 °C (Source:  © William D Judge et al/Springer Nature Limited 2021)