MSE undergraduate student awarded for steel quality improvement research

Year 4 undergraduate student Mingqian Lawrence Zhu wins third prize at the 2012 AISTech student poster contest in Atlanta, Georgia


L to R: MSE Senior Research Associate Dr. Yindong Yang, Mingqian Zhu (MSE 1T2), and AISTech 2012 Student Poster Presentation Contest organizer

May 17, 2012

Congratulations to Year 4 materials engineering undergraduate student Mingqian Lawrence Zhu (MSE 1T2) for claiming 3rd prize in the Student Project Presentation Contest at AISTech 2012, held in Atlanta, Georgia this year.

The annual AISTech Iron & Steel Technology Conference and Exposition is one of the largest professional events in the metallurgy and steelmaking industry. The 2012 event gathered 5000+ participants from over 400 companies coming from more than 40 countries around the world.

This year’s Student Project Presentation Contest, held on May 7, 2012, invited undergraduate students to submit an application to participate, for which the top eight (8) projects would be selected to present at AISTech 2012. Zhu’s project, titled “Optimum Electro-Magnetic Stirring (EMS) Operation Parameters in Steel Cleanliness and Inclusion Control” was selected as one of the top 8 projects, and claimed 3rd prize.

Supervised by Professor Emeritus Alexander McLean and senior research associate Dr. Yindong Yang, with guidance from PhD candidate Paul Wu (MSE 0T7, MASc 0T9) and visiting professor Dr. Guifang Zhang of the Ferrous Metallurgy Research Group, Zhu’s project involves the optimization of an industry-standard technique, known as electro-magnetic stirring (EMS), to control and minimize the negative effects of inclusions in high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steels. The presence of undesired inclusions in steel production can result in cracks and failures in the metal, thereby weakening the overall mechanical properties of the steel. Zhu’s research works to optimize the operation parameters of this process in order to achieve an ideal steel cleanliness and inclusion distribution, thereby improving the overall quality and efficiency of steel production.

“I congratulate Mingqian for being recognized at such a prestigious conference,” says Professor Jun Nogami, Chair. “Sincerest thanks also to Professor McLean and Dr. Yang for continuing to provide undergraduate research projects with such high degrees of relevance to industry, as reflected in this award.”

Paul Wu, PhD candidate in the Ferrous Metallurgy Research Group, won 1st Place in the Graduate Student Poster Contest for his project titled “Refining of Liquid Stainless Steel with Low Carbon Dioxide Emission” at AISTech 2011.