MSE student club recognized for dedication to improving quality of student life

MSE Club 2022 members: from left to right , back row: David Petriw – Common Room Manager, Shuai Jia – 3rd Year Representative., Joshua Marquez -Finance Director, Andrew Wuebbolt- 4th Year Representative, Tobin Zheng – 2nd Year Representative, Renee Slen – Social/Communications Director, Kaija Mikes – Technical Director, Lachlan Kempson – 1st Year Representative, Lillian Kang – Sports/Wellness Director, Samantha Paradi-Maropakis – Academic Director . Front  row : Mark Liao – Events Director,  Myesha Hoque- Chair, Amanda Morelli- Vice Chair, not  in the picture: Ibrahim Ameli – BOD Rep. & Jonathan Shan – Mentorship Director.


Congratulations to MSE Club for receiving the Discipline of the Year Award. On April 7th, 2022, the U of T Engineering Society (EngSoc), the undergraduate student governing body for the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, presented its Engineering its annual awards to express its appreciation for student involvement in leadership and community development. Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) students were the proud recipients of the Discipline of the Year Award.

Under Myesha Hoque’s (4th year, MSE) leadership, the MSE Club brought the department community together through a number of well-organized events and initiatives, such as MSE Dinner Dance and Iron Ring as well as introducing new merch items and significant efforts on social media.

“On behalf of the MSE club I’d like to thank the Engineering Society and the Awards Committee for recognizing MSE club for this award,” says Hoque. ” I’d also like to note that many discipline clubs went above and beyond this year and had to work extremely hard to navigate the hybrid nature and uncertainty of this year. All discipline clubs deserve appreciation for what they were able to achieve this year and how hard they worked to bring together their own communities. Congratulations to all of us for making it this far!”

“MSE Club was able to come together this year to produce something that we are proud of because 15 hardworking individuals who are passionate about MSE and the MSE community tried their best to bring the community together during this difficult time. Every member of MSE club has gone above and beyond to try to make this year in MSE the best it could be for their peers. Members brought in new merchandise, advocated for academic inclusion and fairness, worked with the faculty to incorporate mentorship into the curriculum, and best of all brought Buckyball back, bigger than ever! MSE club would not be what it is without the determination from each of its leaders and I could not be prouder to be able to lead this bright and promising group this year. Thank you to Amanda Morelli, Mark Liao, Joshua Marquez, Renee Slen, Lillian Kang, Kaija Mikes, Samantha Paradi-Maropakis, David Petriw, Jonathan Shan, Tobin Zheng, Lachlan Kempson, Andrew Wuebbolt, Shuai Jia, and Ibrahim Ameli for all the work you have put into the club this year. There are many others that contributed to our work, and I’d like to take a moment to thank them. Faculty members, staff members and students who just wanted to help in whatever way they could, thank you for trying to make the MSE community a better place for everyone. MSE is a unique and supportive community that we are all happy to have chosen to be in.”