MSE Alumni, Xinyue Crystal Liu honoured for excellence in teaching by the UofT Faculty of Engineering

Xinuye Crystal Liu

MSE Alumni, Xinyue Crystal Liu was one of the recipients of this year’s U of T Engineering faculty Teaching Excellence Awards.  Liu was recognized as a Teaching Assistant who has demonstrated excellence in classroom teaching, working with students, and the development of course materials.

Xinyue Crystal Liu just completed her Master’s degree in MSE, where she designed open-source testing equipment for engineering education and research. During the first year of her program, she took the position of Head TA for MIE444: Mechatronics Principles, where she helped to redevelop the course content.

She also played a key role in the development of a new design course for Engineering Science, Praxis III, for which she was Head TA and eventually Co-Instructor. When this course had to go online due to the pandemic, Liu, with her co-instructor and TAs, quickly developed a set of design assignments that students could do individually at home, allowing them to achieve their learning objectives.

Liu was also a TA for MSE398: Materials Manufacturing and Design Laboratory, a hands-on course where students build prototypes. When it had to move online, Liu designed, prototyped, manufactured and distributed the Miniature Mechanical Testing Kit, allowing students to build machines and test materials at home. She also developed a detailed manual, plus a series of deliverables for the kit, which made creative use of its capabilities. This received very positive feedback from students.

Read full article by Carolyn Farrell – UofT Engineering News, April 27, 2022