Matthew Chen (MSE 1T7 + PEY, MSE MASc candidate) received a Varsity Blues Academic Excellence Award

U of T Engineering student-athletes at the 2019 Academic Excellence Breakfast. Top row (L-R): Matthew Chen (MSE 1T7 + PEY, MSE MASc candidate), Megan Kamachi (IBBME MASc candidate), Zach Frangos (Year 2 ChemE), Osvald Nitski (Year 3 MechE), Tanner Young-Schultz (CompE 1T8 + PEY, ECE MASc candidate), Jacob Weber (Year 3 EngSci). Bottom row (L-R): Kamran Ramji (Year 3 EngSci), Stefan Dusciuc (Year 3 IndE), Nicole Parkes (ChemE 1T8 + PEY), Matthew Freibauer (MechE 1T8 + PEY), Somerset Jarvis (Year 3 CivE), Jack Berkshire (Year 3 IndE) (Credit: Seyran Mammdov).


U of T’s Varsity Blues celebrated its top student-athletes from the 2017 – 2018 academic year at the ninth annual Academic Excellence Breakfast on Jan. 22, 2019.

Matthew Chen (MSE 1T7 + PEY, MSE MASc candidate) is one of the 2017-2018 U of T Engineering Varsity Blues Academic Excellence Award recipients.

Participating in varsity sports improves how Matthew Chen approaches both academics and life in general, shared the rower. “It’s true, the rigours [of school work and varsity sports] do complement each other – they really make you see the value of time, how little there is, and how you must spend it carefully.”

He also emphasized the networking opportunities varsity sports provides. “I [look] forward to team practices, not just to train, but to talk to other people doing other things and getting perspective. And I think that’s the main takeaway I got from being a varsity athlete: perspective.”

“Receiving an academic excellence award is great,” adds Chen. “It really does feel nice to be recognized for your efforts in all aspects of your life – mind, body and spirit, if you will.”

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Congratulations to Matthew Chen!