Jun Nogami honoured with prestigious award from The University of Tokyo

LtoR: Dean Tatsuya Okubo (University of Tokyo), Professor Jun Nogami (MSE) and Professor & Department Head Kazuki Morita (University of Tokyo). Photo by Jason Tam.

Professor Jun Nogami (MSE) has been elected as a Fellow of the School of Engineering at The University of Tokyo. Nogami, who is chair of the Department of Materials Science & Engineering, received this prestigious designation during the 2018 UT2 Graduate Students Workshop. The annual Workshop, hosted in Japan and Toronto in alternate years, brought U of T Engineering students and faculty to meet with key collaborators and visit potential research locations at the University of Tokyo. UT2 opened the weeklong Workshop with the special presentation recognizing Nogami’s research and accomplishments.

“It is an honour to recognize Professor Nogami’s distinguished contributions to the research and education of the School of Engineering,” says Dean Tatsuya Okubo, who presented the award. “This Fellow title represents Professor Nogami’s collaboration with our program, and his outstanding endeavors in engineering research and education.”

Now in its 17th year, UT2 fosters research engagement between Canadian and Japanese materials science, chemical, mechanical and industrial engineering faculty and students. This year’s theme was “Frontiers of Materials Science at UT” with faculty and students from both universities presenting and discussing their research. The experience was nostalgic for Professor Naomi Matsuura (MSE, IBBME), Professor Ben Hatton (MSE) and University of Tokyo Professor Takeshi Yoshikawa, who were doctoral students during the first UT2 and now hold faculty positions with their respective departments.

“Participating in the first UT2 Graduate Students Workshop as a PhD student was a valuable opportunity to present my research overseas and build a strong network of contacts,” says Matsuura. “Returning to Japan as a faculty member and seeing familiar faces such as Professor Yoshikawa shows the commitment both universities have to this partnership and the strong relationships and research efforts that have developed over the years.”

The U of T Engineering students in attendance, including eight from MSE, two from MIE and one from ChemE, also toured the labs at the University of Tokyo and took part in a hands-on graphene demonstration. A highlight of the trip was a visit to the National Institute of Materials Science (NIMS), showcasing Japan’s investment in materials science and the breadth of equipment available for research and collaboration.

“UT2 was an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge, expertise, ideas, and culture,” says Michael Sabatini (MSE MASc candidate). “Touring state-of-the-art facilities, learning about the Japanese way of life, and creating connections for future research and job opportunities was a privilege.”

Previous UT2 Graduate Students Workshops have resulted in collaborative academic publications and lab research both in Japan and Canada. The 2018 Workshop brought multiple collaborators together and culminated with a number of research and project discussions between The University of Tokyo, NIMS and the University of Toronto.