Jehad Abed (MSE PhD candidate) awarded Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship!

(Photo courtesy of Jehad Abed)

Jehad Abed (MSE PhD candidate) is among this year’s recipients of the prestigious  Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships. The Vanier Scholarships, worth $150,000, recognize PhD candidates at Canadian universities who demonstrate excellence in academics, research impact and leadership.

Abed is researching Carbon-capture technology. This technology could play a vital role in fighting climate change — and put carbon dioxide (CO2) to use in the global market.

Under the supervision of Professor Ted Sargent (ECE), Abed aims to discover and use new materials to efficiently convert CO2 and water into chemical fuels and high-value feedstocks.

Abed says Vanier’s recognition provides him with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to focus entirely on the research that he is interested in, “and innovate without worrying about financial burdens or funding restrictions.”

“Winning Vanier means visibility and recognition, but most importantly appreciation,” he adds. “Countries, like Canada, that attract and incubate talents from across continents give me hope that there is a place for a multicultural and diverse research environment where all what matters is collaborative knowledge for the advancement of humanity.”

The MSE department is very proud of his achievements!

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