JCP Selects MSE PhD Candidate’s Work as “Editor’s Pick”

Photo courtesy of John Çamkıran

The Journal of Chemical Physics (JCP) has selected a recent article by MSE PhD Candidate John Çamkıran and coauthors, Professor Parsch and Professor Hibbard as Editor’s Pick for their 7 March 2022 issue.

The article, titled “A local orientational order parameter for systems of interacting particles”, introduces a new notion of order called extracopularity.

Inspired by information theory, extracopularity reduces local structure to a pairwise redundancy among the bonds formed by a particle. This jointly informational and geometric perspective on structure presents a promising path towards advancing our understanding of structure–property relationships throughout the natural sciences. 

John Çamkıran holds a B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering from McGill University, where he worked with Professor David Alister Lowther on the computational electromagnetics of switched reluctance motors. He is due to complete his PhD at University of Toronto later this year.

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