Doctoral research on cost-effective, energy-efficient supercapacitor materials wins top prize in Montreal, QC

PhD candidate Matthew Genovese wins best poster at the fall 2013 Electrochemical Society Meeting (Canada Section)


Matthew Genovese, PhD Candidate, Flexible Energy & Electronics Laboratory

November 29, 2013

Congratulations to Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) PhD candidate Matthew Genovese for winning first prize in the student poster session at this year’s Electrochemical Society (ECS) Meeting – Canada Section (Fall 2013). Held at the Université du Quebec à Montréal (UQAM) on November 23, 2013, this year’s theme was “Diversity of Electrochemistry in 21st Century.”

Genovese’s research poster, titled “Carbon/Polyoxometalate Composite Electrodes for Electrochemical Capacitors,” focuses on developing cost-effective materials to increase energy storage in electrochemical capacitors – also known as “super-capacitors.” Specifically, his research investigates the use of waste products from the Canadian oil sands and the forestry industry to develop the activated carbon substrates needed to build energy storage electrodes in the capacitors. Genovese’s work has demonstrated that these low cost carbon substrates can be effectively modified with electrochemically active metal oxides, significantly increasing the charge storage capability of carbon materials – a promising step toward sustainable energy storage and delivery technologies.

“Matthew’s work not only sets the bar for research in high-performance, cost-effective energy storage materials for electrochemical capacitors, but it also addresses a potential solution for waste re-deployment from other industries,” said Associate Professor Keryn Lian, Genovese’s supervisor. “Congratulations to Matt not only for this recognition, but also for providing us with another option in our global energy and sustainability efforts.”