Congratulations to Nahid Molaei for receiving a scholarship from Canadian Mineral Processors (CMP)

Congratulations to our PhD Candidate Nahid Molaei for receiving the prestigious Canadian Mineral Processors (CMP) scholarship. 

Nahid was recently recognized for her achievements in the research on using Bioreagents to Mitigate Clay Minerals in Mineral Processing which could also have application in other mineral flotation circuits that have clay issues. 

“Mitigation of colloid clay particles in flotation and flocculation processes in mineral processing is critical”, said Nahid. “Different organic and inorganic reagents have been used to reduce the negative effect of clays during mineral beneficiation. Due to the negative impacts of current reagents on the environment and human health, natural biodegradable substances  from renewable sources have been attracting attention as alternative reagents in mineral processing.”

Nahid is currently a fourth-year Ph.D. student working under the supervision of Prof. Erin R.Bobicki.