2012 MSE Impact Student Choice Award winners recognized at the annual dinner dance

Dr. Scott Ramsay and PhD candidate Leo Monaco voted Instructor and Teaching Assistant of the Year


Photo L to R: Associate Professor Glenn Hibbard, Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies; Adjunct Professor Scott D. Ramsay; Ronald V., MSE Club Chair; PhD Candidate Leo Monaco; Professor Jun Nogami, Chair; Jason S., MSE Club Vice-Chair

March 2, 2012

On February 4, the annual Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) Dinner Dance, hosted by the MSE Club, brought out a number of current undergraduate and graduate students, along with a handful of recent alumni, to partake in one of the U of T MSE community social events of the year.

One key component of the MSE Dinner Dance involves the announcement of the 2012 Impact Student Choice Awards. Established in 2011, the Awards recognize teaching excellence as selected by the undergraduate student body. This year’s recipients were Adjunct Professor Scott D. Ramsay (MSE PhD 0T7) and Leo Monaco (MSE 1T0, PhD Candidate) as Instructor and Teaching Assistant (TA) of the Year, respectively. Professor Emeritus Thomas H. North and MASc candidate Sridevi Thomas were also recognized as this year’s runner-up contenders in each category.

“Teaching excellence demonstrates our strong commitment in fostering the best learning environment for our students,” says Glenn D. Hibbard, Associate Professor & Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies. “I want to thank Scott and Leo for their outstanding contributions to materials engineering undergraduate education here at U of T.”

Past Recipients | MSE Impact Student Choice Awards

Instructor of the Year Teaching Assistant of the Year
2012 Scott D. Ramsay, Adjunct Professor Leo Monaco, PhD Candidate
2011 Zhirui Wang, Professor Leo Monaco, PhD Candidate