MSE1036 – Application of Electrochemical Techniques in Materials Science

Course description:

This course covers both the fundamental aspects of techniques used to assess electrochemical reactions (cell potential, current distribution, analytical electrochemistry), their mechanisms from a materials perspective (electrocatalysis, general and localized corrosion, energy systems) with an additional emphasis on in-class laboratory practice in specimen preparation, utilization of electrochemical equipment, analysis of electrochemical data and their link to structure-property relationships in materials. Experimental methods will cover d.c. electrochemical techniques such as open circuit potential measurements, cyclic potentiodynamic anodic polarization, cyclic voltammetry, chronopotentiometry, chronoamperometry, and a.c. techniques such as electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.   Throughout the course, examples of the application of principles and techniques to the development of novel materials for a variety of applications will be highlighted.

Note: All students must qualify by contacting the instructor in advance to ensure they have the correct technical background to succeed as it is NOT an introductory course.


  • MSE 415 or equivalent (electrochemical or corrosion courses).
  • Consultation with instructor prior to enrolment is required. Students will have to be approved by the instructor to take the course in advance.Course Text: None required but course texts for various subject areas will be recommended.
    Maximum Enrollment: 16 – enrolment is limited to the ability to perform laboratories