Laser Particle Size Analyzer (Horiba Partica LA–950)


The Partica LA-950 Laser Diffraction Particle Size Distribution Analyzer is a high-end particle sizing instrument. Applications range from studies involving nanoparticles to soils and sediments.

Principle of Operation

The instrument applies the Mie Scattering Theories using a diode laser of 650nm wavelength and a LED of 405nm wavelength for the measurement of particle size distribution of powders, suspensions or emulsions. The existing unit (standard) measures the distribution of particles suspended in a liquid (water, ethanol, and isopropanol), and is capable of performing measurements on dry powders once equipped with a Dry Measurement Unit.


The fully integrated system is composed of a measurement unit incorporating a diode laser, LED light source, photodetector array, side and rear scatter detectors, control section, sample chamber and a sample recirculating system (which incorporates an ultrasonic probe, flow cell and a centrifugal circulation pump that stirs, disperses and pumps). A computer system controls the instrument and displays results in a wide range of formats.