ICP– OES (Thermo Fisher Scientific iCAP 6300)


The iCAP 6300 ICP–OES is a simultaneous spectrometer for rapid analysis of trace elements in a solution down to ppb–ppt levels. The apparatus is widely used in analysis of water and dissolved inorganic materials (soil, minerals, metals, glass, waste, etc).

Principle of Operation

The sample is introduced to the Inductively Coupled Plasma – Optical Emission Spectrometer (ICE–OES) through a nebulizer and is then broken into atoms and ions in a plasma torch, created by purging argon in a RF (radio frequency) generator. Once the exited ions combine with electrons in the cooler regions of the torch and return to their low energy state, light with atom–specific wavelength is emitted. The light from different atoms is separated into its component wavelengths using a diffraction grating. The light intensity for each wavelength is measured with a photomultiplier. By comparing with emissions of a blank, the concentration of the analytes are calculated.


The system includes the ICP spectrometer, chillers, autosampler with probe wash station, and PC with iTEVA program for operating the machine.