Ng, Evelyn

Dr. Evelyn K. Ng, MSE 0T4, MASc 0T6, PhD 1T2, PEng, CPEng
Subject Matter Expert, Materials & Corrosion Group Engineer, Callidus Group

Dr. Evelyn Ng is the Materials & Corrosion Engineer, Subject Matter Expert for the Callidus Group whose headquarters are located in Perth, Australia. The Callidus Group comprises two divisions: Callidus Process Solutions and Callidus Welding Solutions. Callidus is a high-end valve company with locations Australia-wide and throughout the Asia-Pacific region whose majority of clients are oil & gas and mining industries, in addition to power generation and marine industries.

Evelyn obtained her PhD (1T2), MASc (0T6) and BASc (0T4 + PEY), each in Materials Science & Engineering. Her graduate studies also comprised the Environmental Engineering Graduate Collaborative Program. She is Canadian, having settled in Australia three years ago and has worked on five continents in countries spanning Canada, Japan, Finland, Zambia and Australia, all in engineering roles and diverse settings from on-site mining operation, R&D laboratories, consulting firms and academia. She is a licenced Professional Engineer (PEng) and Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng, MIEAust) in Canada and Australia, respectively.

Evelyn is the only materials engineer amongst over two dozen mechanical engineers at the company. Evelyn’s portfolio is diverse—reviewing and recommending materials selection for maintaining or improving asset integrity, conducting forensic root cause failure analysis investigations, developing specifications for quality assurance, leading R&D projects to progress current products and support new products, in addition to writing and reviewing patents for Callidus’ intellectual property. Callidus has recently filed two patents: one for a bi-metallic coating system and another that involves titanium-nitride surface hardening, both of which have immense potential to be game-changers to the mining industry, in particular locations that experience severe service defined by high temperature, high pressure and acidic conditions.

Evelyn evaluates and selects materials, mainly exotic metals and alloys, advanced ceramics and elastomers, with the objectives being that they are compatible with each other when installed in the same component, in addition to corrosion-, wear- and erosion- resistant in the client’s service environment. The materials chosen must be able to perform in a range of extreme environments including acid, oxygen, hydrocarbon, seawater and at a range of temperatures from cryogenic temperatures to beyond 800°C. Besides recommending the most appropriate materials, she also investigates materials-related failures on-site at mining and offshore oil & gas sites. Investigations include designing and conducting experiments to reconstruct the failure, analyzing the results and providing the findings and recommendations to the client. A recent investigation concerned severe corrosion in butterfly valves installed in an offshore oil & gas firewater system. The outcome was an overhaul to replace all valves with new ones fabricated using a material that is compatible with the service conditions and existing piping system.

Evelyn is past MSEGSA President, in addition to co-founding the Impact speaker series/lectures. As an undergraduate, she worked as a summer student for Prof. Bob Pilliar in biomaterials, and for Prof. Alexander McLean lithium-ion batteries. Evelyn received her PhD under the supervision of Prof. Glenn Hibbard & Prof. Alexander McLean.