Gilliam, Ryan

Dr. Ryan Gilliam | MSE 0T4, PhD 0T8
Chief Executive Officer, ChemetryCalera Corporation

Alumnus Dr. Ryan Gilliam has founded three venture funded companies in Silicon Valley, all focused on clean technology. Dr. Gilliam currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of Fortera. Located in California, USA, Fortera is focused on reducing the CO2 impact of the cement and concrete industry, which accounts for 8% of the world’s CO2 emissions. In addition to his role at Fortera, he serves as Chairman of the Board at Chemetry, a company he founded which is focused on the lower energy production of commodity chemicals, and as Chairman of the Technical Advisory Board at Verdagy, a company he founded focused on the production of Green Hydrogen.

Dr. Gilliam received his PhD specializing in catalysis and electrochemistry under the supervision of Professor Steven J. Thorpe and Professor Donald W. Kirk (ChemE) in 2008. He is an inventor on over 100 patents in the materials, chemical, and electrochemical space.