Campagnaro, Flavio

Flavio Campagnaro

Flavio Campagnaro | MSE M.Eng 1T8
VP Commercialization, Miru Smart Technologies

Flavio is a MEng graduate of the University of Toronto’s Materials Science and Engineering program. Flavio gained experience with pilot plants, process scale-up and design  from his Chemical Engineering degree from the University of British Columbia. While the chemical processing aspect was fulfilling, he sought to better understand the materials he was making. While working on scaling up nanoparticle synthesis methods at Vive Nano, he came across a colleague’s reference book on ceramic materials, and this inspired him to pursue an MEng degree in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Toronto.

Whilst completing his M.Eng. degree, Flavio was offered a position with Nano One Materials, a battery materials startup in B.C. His background in materials science played a critical role in securing his position as a Process Engineer with the company. During this time, Flavio completed his final MSE project, under the guidance of Professor Lu, which focused on the synthesis of cathode materials.

“The knowledge I gained in MSE during my MEng program proved to be extremely valuable in my role, as it equipped me with the technical expertise needed to scale up the synthesis technology at Nano One and to build a strong business case for their Lithium Iron Phosphate battery materials technology”.

Flavio’s MSE degree is also proving invaluable in his current role as VP, Commercialization at Miru Smart Technologies. Miru is developing next-generation electrochromic window (eWindow) solutions for the residential, commercial and transportation markets. At this company he was able to help build a 35-person team and a dedicated pilot eWindow manufacturing facility. Flavio is now working to build networks with commercial partners to bring the technology to market.