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Acceleration Consortium Presents: Tools and technologies for the lab of the future

October 25, 2021 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am

About this event

Monday, October 25, 2021
10:00 – 11:30 am, EST, online

Join us to explore some of the latest tools and technologies driving the lab of the future. This online panel discussion will bring together leaders from a variety of companies in this space, including some of our very own Acceleration Consortium (AC) members:

  • Marshall Brennan, Product Manager, Kebotix;
  • Jason Hein, CEO, Telescope Innovations (and AC member);
  • Andy Cooper, CEO, Gearu Labs (and AC member);
  • Khaled Boqaileh, CEO, LabsCubed;
  • and Chemspeed.

The panel will be moderated by Padraic Foley, Director of Strategy and Partnerships, AC.

Learn about each company’s portfolio of tools, their journey to commercialization, and the barriers they encountered along the way. This session is aimed at academics, government, industry, and start-ups interested in or already working in accelerated molecular and materials discovery and development. Following this hour-long event, attendees will be able to join concurrent breakout rooms to hear more from each company about their offerings.

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About the panelists

Marshall Brennan, Product Manager, Kebotix

  • Kebotix transforms discovery and development of breakthrough chemicals and materials for the 21st century, adding certainty to science by using today’s most advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics. By automating the scientific method using a proprietary closed-loop R&D process to predict and produce new chemistries, Kebotix’s digital platform empowers lab researchers. Myriad positive results include increased ROI and time-to-market being accelerated from years to mere months. From smarter windows and greener packaging to cleaner pigments and safer pesticides, Kebotix creates materials for a new age of innovation and a better, more sustainable place to live.

Jason Hein, CEO, Telescope Innovations

  • Telescope is a chemical technology company developing scalable, widely deployable synthetic processes to access pharmaceuticals for the treatment of mental health. Our name reflects our commitment to optimizing process chemistry: telescoping synthesis involves tailoring complex, multi-step processes down into one-pot reactions that are more efficient and scalable. We also specialize in using unique analytical tools to “watch” chemical reactions as they are unfolding, enabling us to see possibilities that are otherwise out of reach. Research and development efforts are focused on medicines from the under-utilized tryptamine class of compounds, leveraging innovative process chemistry to access novel molecules. Our aim is to bring modern chemical solutions to meet the most serious challenges in human health. In pursuit of this goal, we also develop tools to advance the global chemical manufacturing sector.

Andy Cooper, CEO, Gearu Labs

  • Gearu’s mission is to provide autonomous mobile robots to address R&D challenges in sectors such as materials, chemicals, and catalysis. Our robotic research product offers huge accelerations in R&D, plus the ability to search much larger areas of chemical space by using artificial intelligence. We provide an integrated hardware / software solution – effectively, a mobile robot researcher that can be installed in your laboratory. Gearu offers a unique combination of radical technology, 20 years’ experience in laboratory automation, and deep sector-specific knowledge in our customer focus areas.

Khaled Boqaileh, CEO, LabsCubed

  • LabsCubed enables companies to create new and innovative materials faster. This is achieved through automated test equipment, innovative data management software and machine learning algorithms. By combining all three aspects LabsCubed guides customers as they create new materials leading to a significant decrease in development times. In December 2020, LabsCubed launched its first product the “CubeOne”, an automated tensile tester. The CubeOne has been installed in locations across North America, including major well-known manufacturers.


  • Chemspeed Technologies focuses on creating, developing and delivering full workflow application oriented solutions which enhance R&D productivity. Chemspeed is the leading provider of high-throughput and high-output research & development workflow-solutions from single bench-top/standalone automated workstations (powder dispensing – sample preparation – synthesis – process development – formulation – application – testing) up to complete and integrated product development workflows for the entire product development processes in the chemical, material science, renewables & energy, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, specialty chemical, home care, cosmetics and nutrition industries, as well as academia.


October 25, 2021
10:00 am - 11:30 am