MSE announces new Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies

Professor Mansoor Barati, PhD, PEng | Associate Professor, Gerald R. Heffernan Chair in Materials Processing & Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies

August 17, 2017

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Mansoor Barati as Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Materials Science & Engineering.

Professor Barati is the Gerald R. Heffernan Chair in Materials Processing and leads the Sustainable Materials Processing Research Group. His research is centered on reducing the environmental footprint, consumption of energy and resources in the metals industry, and development of high quality materials for renewable energy systems.

More than 80 researchers have worked with Professor Barati in the Sustainable Materials Processing Research Group over the past 10 years. Professor Barati’s research has been highlighted in 150 publications and has been recognized by many awards such as the CMQ Best Paper Award, JOM Best Paper Award, and the CIM MetSoc Brimacombe Award. He was also awarded the PEO Engineering Medal in the Young Engineer Award Category.

Please join me in congratulating Mansoor on his appointment and thanking him for taking on this important role for the MSE department.

I would also like to acknowledge the work of Glenn Hibbard, who served as Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies for eight years. He started the process of curriculum renewal for the undergraduate program, work that will be largely completed and in place by Fall of 2018.

Jun Nogami, PhD, FAAAS, PEng
Professor & Chair