MSE Distinguished Lecture Series – Dr. Larry Heaslip

April 17, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Speaker: Larry Heaslip (MMS PhD 8T1)

Affiliation:  Director, Interflow Techserv Inc

Date and time: Friday, April 17, 2020, 1 – 2 PM

Location: Myhal Centre, 55 St George St, Room 380


Short Bio: Lawrence J. Heaslip received his Ph.D. in metallurgy and materials science from the University of Toronto in 1981, where he was part of the Ferrous Metallurgy Research Group headed by Prof. Alex McLean. Subsequently, as an assistant professor, Heaslip taught metallurgical process engineering at his alma mater and also lectured at the University of Michigan for many years at its Center for Professional Development Short Course in Continuous Casting.

In 1989, Heaslip was one of the founders of Advent Process Engineering Inc., a company deeply involved in the development, during the 1990s and early 2000s, of innovative and efficient liquid steel flow control systems, now used every day in processes such as high-speed thin-slab casting. Over the last 30+ years, Larry Heaslip has authored and co-authored numerous technical papers regarding the melting, ladle treatment and casting of liquid steel with both high quality and high productivity. He is named as an inventor on more than 20 patents granted in the U.S. Patent Office, as well as on many more patents worldwide. Heaslip has contributed for the last 20+ years to AIST’s annual electric furnace steelmaking conference. In recognition of these contributions, in 2014, he was presented with the John Bell Award for Electric Arc Furnace Innovation, Improvement and Education. Currently, Heaslip serves as a director of Interflow Techserv Inc., a company that develops and implements modern solutions that are closely integrated with the capabilities and support of the steel industry’s supplier segment, so as to continue and accelerate technological advancements in liquid steel processing for today’s steel producers.

In 2019, Heaslip received the 2019 John F. Elliott Lectureship Award for his limitless dedication to furthering the knowledge and understanding of steelmaking. Heaslip’s research has advanced our understanding of steelmaking thermodynamics, chemical process metallurgy and the materials chemistry behind steelmaking operations. As an educator in academia and industry alike, Heaslip employs a winning combination of technical expertise, rich sense of humor, and unbridled enthusiasm to bridge the gap between researcher and operator.

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