Doctoral Completion Award (DCA)

MSE Deadline: Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Purpose of Award

The Doctoral Completion Award (DCA) is intended to ensure that meritorious PhD students, domestic or visa, who are no longer eligible for guaranteed funding, can complete degree requirements within appropriate time limits.


  • Must be a full-time PhD student who is beyond the funded cohort yet still within the time-limit of the degree (six years from date of initial registration)
  • Must be in good academic standing, including having achieved candidacy
  • Must have had a meeting with the Advisory Committee within the previous 12 months
  • Must not concurrently hold a paid continuing professional position

Time Limit of your Degree

All degree requirements must be completed within six years from your date of initial registration. All students who transfer (by-pass) from a master to a PhD program carry the master’s year of study over to the PhD program.

Applying for DCA

Complete, sign and submit the DCA Application Form. Applicant completes Part 1.  Your supervisor completes Part 2.  Submit the completed application form, along with a copy of your most recent Advisory Committee Meeting Assessment Form, to Maria Fryman, Undergraduate & Graduate Counsellor, in WB 140.

Payment of Award to Successful Applicants

If you are awarded a DCA, the funds will be posted to your account via ROSI.  You must be registered to receive DCA payments and will no longer receive payments once all degree requirements are completed.  This award is tenable for one academic year. Note that the funds will be applied first to any outstanding balance on your account in ROSI.

Value of Award

Variable – dependent upon funds available to Department and student financial need, as assessed by the Department.


Ms Maria Fryman, Undergraduate & Graduate Counsellor
T: 416.978.1374 | E: | Office: WB 140